Inspiring Safety, Health, & Well-being

Children who feel safer and are healthier are more likely to succeed due to well-being's connection to mental, physical, and social development. Our goal:

  •  Increase the percentage of children and youth who are safe, healthy, and thriving socially and emotionally 


Promoting Early Childhood Success

A community receives a very high return on investment for every dollar spent on early childcare. Similarly, students who are more prepared to enter Kindergarten are less likely to drop out, require public assistance, or be arrested for a violent crime. This produces better outcomes for individuals and society as a whole. Our goals: 

  • Increase the percentage of children ready for kindergarten from 37% to 90%
  • Increase the percentage of 3rd grade children who meet or exceed standards in English Language Arts from 32% to 90% 

Advancing College and Career Readiness

We seek to better prepare students for their next stage of life after their K-12 education in Oceanside's schools. This includes working with students to develop plans for college or careers as soon as 9th grade so that they can strategize how to fulfill these plans with the required coursework. Our goals: 

  • Increase the percentage of 9th grade students earning a "C or better" in A-G coursework and on track to graduate from 50% to 90%
  • Increase the percentage of college and career-ready high school graduates from 34% to 90%

Ensuring Postsecondary Completion

The Oceanside Promise does not stop with high school graduation because life does not stop there. With the support of our community partners, the Oceanside Promise will continue to champion Oceanside's youth through their postsecondary completion. Our goals:  

  • Increase the percentage of students completing a degree within six years from 31% to 90% 

Invest in the Promise of Oceanside's Students and Families