The Oceanside Promise is a community-wide partnership united by a shared vision of every child and student reaching their fullest potential in college, career, and life.  The Promise brings together more than 40 organizations representing education, business, nonprofit, government, and the faith-based communities to strategically align programs, services, and resources to improve the social, emotional, and academic success of children, youth, and young adults.  Our collective efforts are focused on ensuring our marginalized communities have equitable access to educational, economic, and life opportunities. From improving the kindergarten readiness of young children to increasing postsecondary completion, the Oceanside Promise strives to build a vibrant and promising future for everyone in the Oceanside community.  

The Oceanside Promise Partners Seek to Achieve: 

  • Every child enters school Kindergarten ready

  • Every 3rd grader meets or exceeds grade level reading proficiency

  • Every 9th grade student is on track to graduate college and career ready


  • Every high school student graduates college and career ready

  • Every high school graduate enters and completes a postsecondary program

  • Every young adult secures a fulfilling, livable wage job or career



Collective Impact: A Framework for Community-wide Effectiveness and Social Impact

The Oceanside Promise and its partners, using a framework called Collective Impact, seek to build a movement of individuals and organizations throughout Oceanside who are committed to the success of our community's children from cradle to college and through career.  By using this data-informed, continuous improvement approach to collaboration, we are focusing on the greatest needs of students and families, aligning our resources, and measuring our collective impact. Ultimately, the Oceanside Promise is creating a shared vision of success for our community and building bridges across sectors to ensure Oceanside is a socially, culturally, and economically thriving coastal community.

Invest in the Future of Oceanside's Children and Families